Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Product Catalogue?

Our Product Catalogue is a standardization of what is legally and publicly available in the jurisdictions Evidencity covers. For each country, we bring additional detail and local knowledge that prepares you to expect what may and may not be available at the local level. Our catalogue includes eight individual items, and three combinations of these items.

How do I place an order?

You select a country, and a subject focus on an individual or company, add selected products to your order, and provide the information required, recommended, and nice to have before you submit your order.  You will then be assigned a Research Manager who will review your order and finalize price and turn-around time before assigning your order to the Global Insight Provider who will handle your order.

How much does it cost & how can I pay?

We believe in transparency around price and turn-around time. Our online Product Catalogue lists all of our prices up front. Your Research Manager works with our Provider on the ground to give you an estimated turn-around time. Timing for cases varies by country, and can be impacted by local or regional politics or instances such as protests, weather, and traffic.

We accept credit card or wire payments.

Where will I receive documents?

Evidencity leverages template-based reports to assist with the organization and accuracy of the information you have requested. This information is supported by actual documents, downloaded PDFs, screen shots, URLs, and photos. There is no restriction to the number of times you can access or download your documents.

What other options are available for receiving documents?

Evidencity has multiple options for purchase. If you plan on placing more that 10 orders in a year, contact us to receive discounted rates from the pay-as-you-go, platform-listed pricing. For those who require our highest level of support, we've developed an API interface that communicates directly with your in-house system or workflow. Please contact us at to begin a conversation about deposits or integrations.

Have more questions?
We love questions! Ask us anything via email at and we'll be sure to respond promptly