Evidencity REST API Documentation


Login / get a JWT token

Login to Authentication service and retrieve a short-lived JWT token to use as Authorization header for session.

URL : /api/v1/login

Method : POST

Auth required : YES

Permissions required : role: customer

Data constraints

Provide loginID (username), password, and applicationId to login to auth.evidencity.com

curl -k -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"loginID":"${FUSIONUSER}","password":"${FUSIONPASS}", "applicationId": "${FUSIONAPP}"}' \
https://rest.evidencity.com/v1/login | jq '.token' | tr -d '"' > $HOME/.evidencity/token
   "loginID": "<username|email>",
   "password": "<login-password>",
   "applicationId": "<fusionauth-evidencity-application-id>",

Success Response

Condition : If everything is OK the following response will be sent which includes a JWT token in the token field.

Code : 201 CREATED

Content example


Note : Additional fields are not included in the above example

Error Responses

Condition : Invalid credentials

Code : 401 Unauthorized