Meet Evidencity’s Newest Team Member: Shelton Mollentze

December 21, 2021

Evidencity’s newest leader, Shelton Mollentze, joins as the Director of Research Operations. He will use his expertise to lead and manage a Research Operations team and direct, support, and help grow Evidencity’s global Research Operations.

Shelton will ensure the overall availability of operational bandwidth, sustainability, and scalability to meet customer demand with the quality Evidencity’s customers expect.

Learn more about Shelton from his Q&A below:

As far as emerging markets, what is an unexpected market you see gaining traction in the next few years?

Access to information plays an important role in the ability of people to make informed decisions based upon evidence-based research. As a result, I anticipate seeing an increased appetite for data consumption in emerging markets as technological advances and digital platforms seek to drive innovation as investors look to capitalize on the opportunities presented by emerging markets. As the old adage goes - knowledge is power.

What is the best application you’ve seen for Evidencity’s solutions/benefits thus far?

Because our culture drives everything we do at Evidencity, it enables our core values to guide our internal processes and decision-making efforts. Therefore our clients have the freedom and peace of mind knowing that Evidencity is focused and committed to delivering upon our value-proposition. We value every relationship with every client and want to be a partner for growth.

How many languages are you fluent in?

I’m fluent in two languages - English and Afrikaans, and look forward to learning more.

What is your favorite place to travel?

The United Kingdom

What do you like most about working at Evidencity?

Because we are a global organization, our strength lies in our diversity. It excites me that we get to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and language preferences who are passionate about impacting the lives of the greater community.

How are you applying your legal expertise and experience to your role at Evidencity?

Legal work, by its very nature, requires one to be astute in analyzing data, carrying out due diligence, and demonstrating a strong aptitude for communication and research. These qualities share many parallels with the nature and scope of our services offered at Evidencity.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, experiencing the outdoors, and meeting new people.

A recent book that you read and couldn’t put down?

My most recent read that absorbed me was Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land.”

What are your biggest goals for 2022, both personal and professional?

My sight is set on growing Evidencity, improving our processes, and adding value to an incredible team. I want to positively impact the lives of people and inspire them to achieve. If I can plant a seed of hope today, then tomorrow someone can benefit from the fruits thereof.

On a personal note, I am interested in seeking knowledge, so I hope to learn a new skill and travel a bit more to experience this beautiful world in which we live.

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