Evidencity Announces New Product Catalog

May 24, 2022

ANNAPOLIS, May 24, 2022 -- Evidencity, a leader in global open source research services, today announced the roll out of a new product catalog as the next step in its 2022 relaunch. After extensive customer feedback, Evidencity reorganized its product catalog to reinforce its open source research capabilities. In doing so, the company has broadened its appeal to open source research professionals in corporate offices, due diligence firms, and law offices worldwide.

Since it entered the market in 2016, Evidencity has pursued two parallel paths to improve our product: mapping local data supply and developing technology to improve process and price. 

For over six years, our dedicated data supply team has mapped local sources in nearly 200 countries worldwide. This consistent effort has fed the ongoing pursuit of driving to the bedrock of primary sourcing for our customers in every jurisdiction we cover. Our new product catalog reflects what we’ve learned from the market and combines that knowledge with what we know to be true about local data.

Software development has kept pace. Evidencity’s technology has improved our processes and how we facilitate our clients’  access to local information. Today, these efficiencies mean that Evidencity can pass savings on to our clients in the form of shorter delivery times and lower prices..

In early 2022, Evidencity announced its corporate relaunch with a new brand and cultural formation. This second chapter builds on the first by bringing to the market a tested and robust offering that combines local data supply expertise with innovative technology. Our clients’ first step for locally sourced information delivered on time and at budget.

About Evidencity:

Evidencity is a tech-enabled open source research service that facilitates access to local knowledge in challenging languages and jurisdictions without bribes, lies, or excuses. Evidencity’s products have been leveraged to bring banking services to the under and un-banked, to combat human trafficking and other organized crime-driven human rights abuses, to combat corruption, and to support responsible and risk mitigated international investments. 

Our direct access to primary sources for records, and other critical business information ensures a robust, transparent information custody supply chain for every request. Evidencity is a for purpose, for profit company dedicated to meaningful relationships that impact the lives and communities we serve.

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