In 2016, a significant amount of information can be found online, but there will always be a distance between what you can find online and what you can obtain only with local contacts. This distance is where Evidencity fills the gap: connecting you with that final data retrieval you can’t collect without help from high-end expensive brands or law firms.

Evidencity connects an international marketplace with local knowledge and data collections capabilities.

We are building a marketplace that brings you as close to our local providers  as possible, to the point where you are in direct communication via a secure, anonymous messaging and case management system -- our data marketplace.

Our role is minimized to the careful curation of data and the development, training, and management of the local professionals working on your behalf.

Data curation ensures that you know what you can obtain in every country of interest. This is why we have leveraged local knowledge to create our country cards. We ensure that you know what to ask for, and that the local collections professional knows where and how to obtain what you need.

As our marketplace grows, we constantly broaden our network of local professionals to meet the needs of international buyers. Evidencity locates, tests, checks, and trains these locals for our buyers, so they can focus specifically on the data you need, and not worry about whether or not the local professional is trustworthy, responsible, capable, or paid on time. That's our job.

As this marketplace grows, our expectation is that international buyers will have found the one source they need to obtain data not available online. Connecting international data buyers with local providers is our mission.

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